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your thoughts on mightweb

Discussion in 'Domain & Hosting Prerequisite' started by EMpire, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Before posting please research. What's your thoughts on them?

    The began in early 2015 and have server in Chicago and Dallas.

    They don't actually hire them from SingleHop, but these IP ranges USED to belong to SingleHop,.! In the interest of transparency, they lease Chicago servers from Nexeon, whilst our Dallas servers (the web hosting servers) are owned mightweb


    They offer good VPS and compared to Hawkhost isn't much.
  2. I've looked them up, and the reviews seem to be really high, though they seem like they could have easily been forged, or paid to have the reviews put on there. However, that could or could not be the case. I was looking into it, and they seem pretty good. They offer SSD vs HDD However, I noticed unlike HawkHost, they're bandwidth or data isn't unlimited, which means you will be spending more than likely more over the long run when your site gets more traffic. None of their shared hosting has unlimited bandwidth, or storage running at $9 a month. With HawkHost costing $10 ($8 if you get the 2 year plan like I did) a month for their unlimited everything plan. You do get SSD, but for the amount of data, if you run any resources or allow hosting of anything on your forum/site it could run out, and you will find yourself in a predicament. This is just my $.02 though :)
  3. I'm looking at VPS then shared hosting. VPS give's more control over the server. And faster since VPs isn't shared so you get the full amount.

    Unlimited doesn't exist in hosting, aren't such thing as unlimited. Someone that's a professional in the business for years will say the same. HostGator says unlimited storage and turns out that it's 800gb from the cpanel logs and such.

    Nexeon technology is something to look up
  4. ooh, okay :) I'm not familiar with VPs, so I won't be able to be much help on that matter, sorry.
  5. Something you should consider and look into for future reference. You can do so much more with VPS.
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