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Xyphien's official website

Discussion in 'Frat Rushing' started by Xyphien, May 17, 2016.

  1. Hey everyone, so the off chance you all would like to follow the sites I work on, and everything I'm doing, etc. Feel free to check out my site http://www.Xyphien.Com it's mostly a place where I post updates of what I'm doing, and has links to ALL my currently activate websites.
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  2. Oh damn, that red and orange colour scheme is sick man!

    I see that you play League, you up for carrying a noob up the ladder? :rofl:
  3. Thanks :) Being a personal website I don't care about it looking too professional, etc. as I want it to reflect me as a whole. My avatar, color scheme, etc. is Red/Orange/Black as my logo is a Phoenix, so I wanted a site to represent it :D

    As for the league, once I get back into the states I'll be more than happy to play! Though keep in mind 1. I haven't played in over 9 months. 2. I'll be drunk about 90% of my free time to make up with the 9 months of not drinking/partying XD so... I may not be the best when I first get back home, but I'm always down to play. As well as Overwatch if you happen to play that as well XD
  4. I wish my crappy laptop could run Overwatch but I'm building a new desktop over summer though so hopefully it'll be able to run most AAA games.

    If you're up for we could just casually play some normal matches, I really want to try and get a lot better at it, so some company in the chat would be awesome!

    I think over the past week I've spent most of it at my desk with some beer, so I'd say almost all of my posts are always fuelled by alcohol.
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  5. I've updated my website and made it a bit more personal :)

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