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When do you open up your forums?

Discussion in 'WebMaster's Degree' started by Xyphien, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. When do you feel it is time to open up your forums? Some people tend to open them the same day they make it, others like to get some starting content up, so when do you open it up, and how successful has that been to you?
  2. I'm going to open up my forum after they get around 1,000 posts.Anything before that I don't see too many people joining because of the lack of activity.
  3. My community didn't open till around 3 weeks from the day I installed the software. I had problems after problems and added and writing and the list big. Running a community is none stop.
  4. I guess if you run into issues that's one good thing about not advertising it and opening it up until after you get them all settled :)
  5. Initially I used to do a lot of modifications and custom plugins to my forums and websites so they used to take a few months before release. Not only were there issues with features working but also security concerns, it's no good having a website released and getting popped on the first day, people won't join you then. But assuming things are tested I tend to get staff members to make sure all the sections have a good 30/40 topics in place with the basics and some forum games in place for new members to break into the setting. As well as this all topics had a good handful of replies to to possibly help with the flow of the discussion, the key mainly was getting people with different views having a good debate with ideas and people would chime in with their own thoughts.
  6. I open mine up too early. :p I try to get starting content on the forum but it's pretty hard trying to keep it closed while working on it, you just get anxious and you start itching to release it. I personally have opened mine both the same day and a month after I made it, and I did not see a huge difference in the amount of activity seen, so maybe I didn't have enough content or something.
  7. I had a pre-launch for a month where I let some people I knew use it out then I opened it for General use.
  8. Thông tin khá bổ ích, mong mọi người sẽ đóng góp nhiều hơn thông tin dạng như thế này để forum thêm phần đa dạng.

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