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What browser do you use?

Discussion in 'Computer Lab' started by Earth Be Lost, Feb 7, 2016.

  1. Pretty simple, what browser do you use as your main one?

    I use Firefox.
  2. Chrome
  3. I've been using Chrome since it came out. I feel it is the best out there, however I do have edge and firefox as backups if something happens, as well as to view my sites and see if everything works on other browsers.
  4. I'm a Chrome user - prefer it to all the others I've tried
  5. Chrome. I use it on my phone, computer, my chromebook. Yeah, I love it. :p I got my family hooked on Chrome as well. xD
  6. I use Chrome on my computer, laptop and phone. I like the huge range of extensions you can get with it and the ability to be signed into Gmail/ Google (my Uni uses Google Apps for email and Google Drive and I use Gmail).
  7. I'm going to side with you on this one, although recently I've been noticing that Chrome has been taking up a huge amount of processing power, so having a window of it open when i go to play a game of League is just a no-go these days for me. But my setup sucks, so maybe it's just me.
  8. History, searches, bookmarks etc is also transfered to your Google account. So when logged in you can continue off what you were doing on your phone on your computer.
  9. Chrome usually. but on my phone I use firefox
  10. 2019 and I'm still running Chrome, though it eats ram it's still my favorite.

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