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What are things you do prior to opening up a forum?

Discussion in 'WebMaster's Degree' started by Xyphien, Feb 27, 2019.

  1. We all think the grand opening is the most important part of a forum, however, it's the opposite in most cases. What you do prior to opening up your forum can be one of the most important. From content, to getting hype made for your forum.

    What are somethings you personally do before making your forum public?

    When I first make a forum, I do the basics first. I get some starting content up, ones that are engaging and the community can easily talk about, discuss, and have civilized criticisms. I make sure the forums graphics, and everything is running smoothly, and everything is fully functional prior to making it live. And one of the things I try to do the most, is get a small hype forming around the website. Going on communities, and discussing about the new and upcoming website, showing teasers, and unique things that other sites do not offer. If someone even things "That might be cool" it gives them some incentive to actually visit it upon release. I find that doing this will increase your initial rush when opening up the forum. You'll get more people who register per view than you would otherwise from what I've found.

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