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VIP Memberships

Discussion in 'Tuition Assistance' started by Xyphien, Jan 31, 2016.

  1. How effective do you find VIP Memberships on your site?

    VIP type memberships are about 90% of my funds from my other site. I have two types of VIP members, Partners, and Sponsors. Partners are $5 a month, and Sponsors are $25 a year.
  2. Do you find you get more people signing up as a sponsor or a partner? I'm guessing the only difference is the length of time?
  3. I'm still building. So I couldn't say until afterwards. But it gets income. And depending on what your members gets
  4. I have more people get $5 vs the $25, which I enjoy more personally as it's more money over a longer period of time. It's about 1 to 4 ratio buys the $25.
  5. Which is better... lifetime memberships or a limited time membership? I imagine the limited generates more revenue however statistically are lifetime membership/sponsorship more popular?
  6. I have it set up so that they pay $5 for the beginning and then $2 every six months. My next group price goes and extra $5 so they be paying five dollars for twice a year
  7. I don't tend to use VIP membership, I'd rather give my members equal features that are useful compared to people buying them for use when it costs me very little to do.
  8. The best thing with those memberships is that they become even more active. Limited is the best option in my opinion.
  9. I have yet to use VIP memberships but it is something I may look into adding in the future. I'm sure they can be a good way of generating a little money especially if you have something really good to offer them.
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  10. I generally don't join sites that charge for membership, there will be a free site that is equally as good or better. One exception is linyda.com which has a massive video library of tech stuff.
  11. I know one of the largest forums on MyBB uses lifetime membership upgrades which are pretty popular. You will naturally have membership churn (people will leave and new people will join) so I don't think there's anything particularly wrong with offering a lifetime membership. People will definitely be more inclined to signup knowing they only have to pay once.

    I've never had any real success with communities but I will probably introduce a two tier VIP / Premium system for my forum (eventually).

    @Xyphien - Do you have ads on that site at all?? And what do the different premium memberships get?
  12. I have one ad currently, and I'm looking into displaying another footer ad. I do not wish to overload the site with advertisements.

    The two types of memberships are the exact same. One is yellow, the other is orange. The yellow (Sponsor) is $5 monthly, while the orange (Partner) is $25 yearly. This way, if someone wishes to be a VIP for a year they can, as well as saving money. They pay for 5 months vs. all 12 by paying at once.
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