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Traffic Tracking

Discussion in 'Marketing & SEO Lecture' started by Xyphien, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. Who here uses some sort of traffic tracking such as google analytics? If so, how has that helped you so far, and have you ran into any trouble with it?

    I've been using Google Analytics for a long while now, and I've been using it to monitor my forums production, activity, and monthly views. Seeing my site get over 200k views when I look at it brightens my day up, and raises my moral significantly. However, the past week I switched themes, and forgot to add my analytics code to the new theme which everyone uses besides a small select few that don't. By forgetting this my views have dropped from an average of 7-10k a day to 500 a day. I was freaking out, and confused until just now I realized I forgot to add the code to the new theme lol. Now, I have to wait a month to get my analytics to look right, and display an accurate number.
  2. Haha, those things happen sometimes;)

    I use Google Analytics too, but it doesn't track where my visitors go next. I have to use Alexa for that.
  3. I actually use Piwik. I tend to have a really good privacy policy (encrypted PM system and no tracking and stuff) and due to that I like to ensure to my users that all traffic that comes into my site is kept by me and me alone. Piwik is installed on my server and the data is only seen by me, it's not shared and used by Google like Google Analytics is or Adobe Analytics is. I also get pretty much the same features, which is good.
  4. I think in free way google analytics, in paid version ahrefs and piwik.

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