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Shared or VPS?

Discussion in 'Domain & Hosting Prerequisite' started by Hugop, Feb 10, 2016.

  1. What do you use for your website? I mainly use shared, but some of my websites are running by VPS.
  2. All of my sites run off of shared. I personally have no problem with them at all, I also have the professional plans for them, and I've yet to run into a problem thus far.
  3. Shared are alright for small community but having shared doesn't have the full control of the server then VPs. Depending on who you go with really
  4. I have a shared account - would use VPS if i could afford it, but shared does me fine
  5. I actually used a dedi for a lot of things, since I was running around 20/30 sites instead of paying a lot of money per month, I paid out once for a dedicated server and just used that, much more efficient and I had a lot more control over my server, I used to love using CentOS!
  6. I used an advanced shared account on one (reseller) - because the VPS version doesn't have cPanel. Now, for my other projects, they're on VPS.

    Now, I would prefer a server for everything, but the cost is usually too much.

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