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Review this site!

Discussion in 'Review Pledging' started by Xyphien, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. To start this section off, I'll go ahead and have it so y'all can review this site. Give me your honest reviews as if it was another random person/site :)
  2. Love the layout and design of the site - although the menu does look a little strange when viewing on a mobile. The content was great to begin with, the feel of the forum is friendly too
  3. It's very very light, and the alert box doesn't work on moble
  4. It's quite clean and professional looking.
    Colours flow well with not to much of clashing.
    I love the idea of the domain "hack" you've done with the .college being used as the name for the website, quite clever.
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  5. Was going to add the mobile layout for the menu is too cramped - not all the text us visible
  6. Thanks bác, giờ mình mới biết đến thông tin hữu ích này. Ai có những thông tin dạng như thế này post lên cho mọi người cùng tham khảo luôn nhé. Đang rất quan tâm

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