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Paid Vs Free Software

Discussion in 'Scripts & Software Course' started by Deathstarr, May 12, 2019.

  1. How do you pick the software that build on? Like forum software?

    PHPBB, SMF, MyBB are three great forum platforms to build a forum on. Do you start small with free software and grow then move to paid or do you build on paid software like Xenforo, Invision Power, or vBulletin, BuringBoard.
  2. I personally always go with Paid, they tend to have a lot more built in features and more resources created by the community themselves. I've been using Xenforo for years now and once I've made the switch from free to paid I've never went back. If you're hurting for money and need something created quick for temporary use I think free is perfect. As for the long run, unless you're paying for custom content (which would defeat the purpose imo of using free) then I think that the forum industry is a bit over marketed to use free software at this time.

    You're at a pretty big disadvantage if your're using free software unless you have a completely unique idea that will bring a lot of people into your forum. If you're creating another forum in a niche that has other websites you have to strive to stand out and it's really hard to do so with free software, most free software now tends to look slightly outdated and in order to get it looking good you're still going to have to spend money to make it look presentable.

    Of course this is all my opinion on the matter, so people may disagree with me completely.
  3. Honestly I've used both paid and free software and some free software has many different plugins that can make them just as good as the paid ones. I currently am using SMF on my most active forum, and out of the box is already decent but I can get add ons like a badge system, credits, etc. for free.
  4. XenForo would be the best option for anyone. Unfortunately, not everyone has the budget or option to buy paid software so the next best option is to go with MyBB which is a great free forum software. MyBB has a large number of great themes and plugins so its perfect for anyone really.
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  5. For me, I'm very familiar with the different forum software so I know which ones I like and which ones I don't. But if that wasn't the case, I think the first thing I would look at was price. If it was reasonably priced, I would look at the features. If it had everything I needed it to do, I would check out reviews. From there, I would go to their main website and see how good their support is. I would end it by checking to see how easy the software was to modify it to my liking.
  6. Well, it depends. Some free software is less buggy than others, requires less DIY, For instance, I've found that MuseScore, a free program, is adequate enough for my drum lesson project. In fact, it's even better than a paid program I was using!

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