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Newsletter ads

Discussion in 'Tuition Assistance' started by Earth Be Lost, Feb 13, 2016.

  1. I've seen a handful of people not have ads on their website, which keeps the website really clean and friendly but they'd sell an ad banner in their monthly newsletter.

    This is a very interesting idea, they all told me that their one ad used to pay for their entire month of costs and a little bit more, people would pay more as they knew users would open the newsletter and it wouldn't be blocked by any ad plugin like adblock plus. The users didn't mind it as they were still getting their information and "codes" to use for other stuff. It was a win win.

    Anyone thought about doing it?
  2. Yup- definitely considering this. On my niche hosting forum, I was thinking more along the lines of IF you provide content for the newsletter/ the site, then you get your banner featured in the newsletter. I could then sell one or two banners nearer the bottom of the newsletter to cover the email cost + perhaps a little profit. It would almost be good to have a specific ad marketplace for this..... hmm. :p
  3. I was thinking about doing this on a few sites. I know the average payment is around $1+ per thousand members in the email. This means I'd be able to get around $7+ per link in an email. A lot of people are into email links as weekly emails is something members either 100% dedicate to reading or ignore. I feel it has a higher click through ratings than most other forms of advertising. Though this is from my own personal experience.
  4. I've thought about it but I've never had success with newsletters due to a lack of a lot of members. Selling newsletter advertisements could definitely help when you have a large number of users but not sure how many people want to people ads for newsletters that will only reach around 100-200 people.

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