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Making money on the net

Discussion in 'Tuition Assistance' started by Jake, May 13, 2019.

  1. Have you ever made money on the internet? Nowadays you can make money online at any time. Selling technology, domains, forums, clothing, items, etc or participating in surveys are good examples. What have you done that made you money online and what's your experience?

    I sell tons of clothes on Poshmark several times a week. I've sold a golf cart on Craigslist, along with selling domains and participating in surveys.
  2. Back in the day I use to make a few hundred extra dollars a month through posting packages. I'd charge $3 for 10 posts and 3 topics on SEO clerks and became a top tier user through doing that. I also make an extra few thousand a year off of my larger website, and money here and there selling websites and domains.
  3. Surveys. I've wasted so much time with them over the past few years that I finally have a good selection of sites that I can use daily to make a decent amount per month. I spend around 30 minutes a day on them in the evening and target around $350-400 a month. Decent extra income to waste on non-essential things :D
  4. Would you mind sharing some of those links? I'm quite interested.
  5. As I mentioned in the Adsense thread, I made money back in 2011 (from Adsense). Anyway, SEO was much easier back then - so I pulled in around $300 a month I think. It was for an employment website partnered with Indeed.

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