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Letting go of staff

Discussion in 'Community University' started by Xyphien, May 19, 2019.

  1. When do you decide that it's time to let go of staff? Is it from inactivity, a change of scenery, etc. Explain what pushes you to remove staff members from the staffing list.
  2. If the staff are not active or they dont give me any signs of life after a time I remove them from the staff group.
  3. Inactivity is one of the reasons why I demoted staff on my forums in the past. I also mistakenly promoted a member that I shouldn't have and they ended up removing my themes and installing themes that had nothing to do with the niche of the forum. Needless to say, they were demoted and banned because I didn't trust them enough to be part of the community anymore.
  4. I'm the same way with inactivity, sadly a lot of people try their hardest to become staff and once they do they just go MIA.

    As for the second thing, that's awful to hear and I hope you got everything back up and running smoothly again.

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