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Last movie you watched, any good?

Discussion in 'Community Lounge' started by Salient, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. Spectre - the latest James Bond outing, was a tad disappointed, seemed disjointed and I kept waiting on something cool to happen. Daniel Craig is starting to look a bit old for the role. 6/10 Give it a miss if not a Bond fan.
  2. Well, mines was Home alone.
  3. I watched Civil War, and I really liked it. It was extremely long though, however it was still good nonetheless. I feel it should have been more of a Avengers movie as ALL of them but 2 were in it, but ohh well.
  4. The last film I watched was Jungle Book, It was a really good film, I recommend seeing it.
  5. Captain America Civil War- Loved it!
  6. Same here, am I the only one who left the theatre on Iron Man's side?
  7. I think so XD
    I was on cpt's side from the beginning. I think he was right about the whole thing, and stuck with his guns.
  8. Like I think Cap was right, but Iron Man was following the democratic route, Cap going on his own kind of felt a bit selfish after all the countries had voted to limit the Avengers.

    And that end scene with Cap, Bucky and Iron man.. god damn the feels.
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  9. Probably. :p
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  10. Captain America just sounded like a baby through the entire film, I think I might have a hidden dislike for him :rofl:
  11. Captain America as well.
    Nope!! haha I was Iron Mans side the whole way through. :p
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  12. Finally someone agrees! Cap just felt like such a douche the whole time.
  13. Nah, Robert Downey Jr. is the king of all douche bags :p
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    The last movie I watched was Mulan. In fact, I've watched that movie about 5 times this week! I watch this movie everywhere I go. My favorite place to watch this movie is in my living room.

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