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JoyFreak here!

Discussion in 'Freshman Initiations' started by JoyFreak, May 19, 2019.

  1. Hello,

    I am Alex aka Carbon aka JoyFreak. I found this forum on XF. I am a webmaster and owner of a gaming community. I decided to sign up to this community because it looks absolutely beautiful and wanted to support it by doing so! I am also an avid gamer. Great job on the design guys! Hope I get a warm welcome :).

    Many thanks!
  2. Hey Joyfreak!

    Welcome to Webmaster.College. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message me!

    Happy posting! :)
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  3. Hello Alex Carbon JoyFreak! (Sounds like a full name) glad to have you here and also glad you like our design :D We'll be updating it here hopefully next month when we upgrade to XF 2.1

    Make sure to check out our shop as we offer some amazingly unique services geared at long term success for your websites :)

    I'm looking forward to seeing you around and hope you enjoy your stay here at Webmaster College :D
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  4. Thank you for the welcomes guys!
  5. Hey Welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy the forum as much as we have worked to make it a great place to learn, grow and network.
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