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Investing in domains & Websites?

Discussion in 'Tuition Assistance' started by Xyphien, Mar 1, 2016.

  1. Who here has purchased domains, or made websites for the sole purpose of selling them. I'm starting to look into it, as I have some high valued domains, and some good ideas for websites. Let me know if you've ever done this, and if so, how has it worked out for you?
  2. I've done it before with quite a few domains and they ended out well. It's easier with domains to get a quick buck easily compared to a website which you have to invest time into.
  3. I would like to start doing this though I would need a better job to do that. Investing in sites has been an amazing source of income for some people, I know one dude making his entire income through buying and selling forums and he's pretty rich to begin with. It's definitely something I am interested in.

    Though, with all these new sites coming into the marketplace it is really hard to actually find a good bargain anymore.
  4. I ended up buying 20 really good domains such as Gallery.Pictures Questions.Support and more :D I'm going to get price check on them, and then try and sell them for that much :)
  5. I purchased a bunch of domains from namecheap with the sole purpose of selling them. I'm not particularly sure how successful it will be: I think there is a definite element of luck involved with finding a buyer who is really keen on the domain. I did send off my first email trying to sell one of them yesterday (need to send a bunch more).
    I have a .flights domain a .loan, some .host, .site, .date etc.
  6. If you don't mind my asking, where are you going to find people to email? Currently I've been using flippa and DigitalPoint with no success.
  7. I'm attempting to sell, first, a .flights domain. So I'm emailing airline companies/ airports. :)

    I've had 0 success with flippa as well.
  8. I've never tried my hand at domain flipping or creating websites solely to sell them off. However, I have sold most of my old sites when I get bored with them or don't have enough time to dedicate to them anymore.

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