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How was your day?

Discussion in 'Community Lounge' started by Joe, May 18, 2016.

  1. Saw the new TMNT movie today, it was pretty good.
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  2. Yeah I've heard that it's a tradition for US troops to stop for a drink in Dublin, pretty sure you lot have been stopping in for a pint since WW2. :)
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  3. I just found out it's out :O I might have to try and convince people to take me to the movies lol. (No car until after I get back from leave)
  4. I knew it was out and was super excited for it, but now I'm rethinking that mainly because they have been spamming twitch streams with the trailer for weeks.. literally every single stream I switch too gives me a 2 minute trailer.

    I'll probably still see it, it has such a feel good vibe to it.
  5. I thought it was better than the first one.
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    Last edited: May 12, 2019
    My day was amazing! I ate a lot of food and watched Netflix. That’s all I did though.... Happy Mother’s Day y’all!

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