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Hello everyone!

Discussion in 'Freshman Initiations' started by Justin, Jan 26, 2019.

  1. #1 Justin, Jan 26, 2019
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    Hi everyone, I'm Justin. I've recently gotten back into designing graphics and making content websites again. I've been into web design and making sites since around 1998, at one point having had hundreds of sites but ended up in a crappy marriage that took away my time for this, so now that I have an understanding Wife and a baby on the way I'm back and more focused and more driven than ever.

    I love making graphics and being able to be artistic but I do enjoy getting out of the house and going hiking or out to flea markets and traveling back and fourth to Hawaii. My Wife is Hawaiian and all her family is there so that means lots of trips. Anyway, I look forward to hopefully being able contribute to the site. If anyone needs some awesome banner ads let me know.

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