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Discussion in 'Community Lounge' started by TheEvilBee, May 14, 2016.

  1. Does anyone here believe in ghost?
  2. I do indeed believe in ghosts.
  3. Do I believe in ghost? ...No I don't believe in ghost. :p
  4. I do actually, I've had too many experiences to not believe in them. I actually own AfterLifeDiscussion.com as a domain which use to be a ghost, and undead type of forum discussion site :D
  5. I honestly don't think I do, although that still doesn't stop me from getting scared to death at old houses and castles. I think it's easy to believe they aren't real, but a lot harder to still not to be scared.
  6. Yes, I believe ghosts are real. I can’t say I’ve ever come into contact with one since I don’t play with paranormal stuff. Too scary for me.

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