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Free Hosting

Discussion in 'Domain & Hosting Prerequisite' started by Ash, May 14, 2019.

  1. I'm sure a lot of users have experience with free hosting. It's something that I used when I first got into forums when I was younger and didn't have the funds or methods to pay for hosting. But, now that I am able to pay for hosting, I honestly wouldn't touch free hosting ever again.

    Have you used free hosting? And did you have a good experience with it?
  2. I've used a free hosting a few times on some get rich quick websites I didn't want to spend any money on. They're good if you're looking for a quick and free website to get up without caring about the up time or anything else. 000webhost I believe was the one I used. It has a LOT of downtime, and they did sometimes prune websites after a while which could lead to some negatives if you don't actively back anything up. But all in all, to get something started for free it's a decent alternative to paid hosting but shouldn't be something to look at for a long term website.
  3. I used free hosting in the past. It does the job and can handle whatever you throw at it if your site is a start up. If your site is a little bigger though, you may want to upgrade your hosting account. I recently won a free hosting account somewhere and it was doing great but they would be down for maintenance nearly every other day then one day they just removed my site without warning. I rather pay for hosting...
  4. Free hosting with ads will work fine - assuming you like ads, but most people don't! Anyway, because of the ads, the providers have to provide a top-notch service (lots of bandwidth, less down-time, lost of disk space).

    O.K. myself, I used such a service back in the 2000s. It was for a guitar lesson page.

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