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Free Header Ad to all!

Discussion in 'Information Board' started by Xyphien, Feb 2, 2016.

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  1. Hello everyone, every member with at least 10 topics and 15 posts by the time we go 100% live will receive a free Header Ad in the top right of the forums for a whole month. Once you have 10 topics and 15 posts simply post your ad below. It shouldn't be more than 300px high, it will automatically be adjusted to the image size you see to the top right. The dimensions are around 100x30. 100 width, 30 height
  2. When are you planning to be "100% live" ?
  3. Around the 15th of this month :) That way we have enough time to get the forums more statistics.
  4. Can I double amount the posts to count up the topics. I'm going to be doing less than 5 topics with around 30 posts
  5. This is awesome, if only I had a site yet to use this for XD
  6. Maybe youtube or twitter? Something to ask about
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