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Ever sell products?

Discussion in 'Tuition Assistance' started by Earth Be Lost, Feb 13, 2016.

  1. I know a few forums that used to be with the webmaster niche and they used to sell themes and plugins for points, of course you could only buy those points through paypal.

    I was wondering if this method was effective or if any of you people have tried it, have you made a website with a section so sell your own digital goods?

    It's an interesting concept.
  2. It's not the same as selling on a forum, but I made a site where I sold tips and tricks on how to get your youtube videos loads of views and traffic with one easy, and cheap payment of $25. I made a few hundred off of it which was good considering I only spent like $25 on the site. However, I never did sell anything on forums, no. I've never been good enough at making digital goods to sell them online.
  3. I've never sold anything on my websites. I tried starting up a store that sold shirts and random products with geeky/gamer type image and slogans for one of my sites, but it never gained enough traction to see any sales and I decided to take the store down after a couple of months.
  4. Well, I might be a little ashamed - but I sold access to some bikini sites when I first started webmaster-ing. But I'm not into selling porn or porn-lite now - lol.

    Anyway, this was probably back in 2003 or something and SEO was even easier than in 2011 - when I was making $300 a month.

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