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Dropping the Legal Bomb on a member?

Discussion in 'Community University' started by Xyphien, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. Has anyone had to go and bring up legalities with a member before? I just had to do it because an ex-moderator on my forum, and it's not a very pleasant feeling. If you have had to do this, how did you go about doing it, what was the reason (If you'd like to share) and how did you feel afterwards?
  2. Nope, I have never had to do that, and quite frankly I hope I never do! I don't think that is something that would be much fun.
  3. I don't really. It's quite hard to do that, simply because you won't be able to enforce it and mostly when people threaten with legal action people tend to be worse and do it more.
  4. I just shaved it up there little flippin bum holes. And tend to not think about that
  5. I was more referring to "Well, legally we can as it states in the TOS that we're able to." type of stuff. More smaller legal stuff, than "We're going to sue you" type of stuff :D
  6. If someone requests their posts to be removed from the forums and they lawyer up, (which has happened) then I will drop the legal bomb and tell them to go read the agreement they signed up for. I'd love to sue some of my members, though, I haven't ever told them I would or anything like that. It's really just the small stuff, especially deleting content by members.
  7. This is what kind of happened to me. A user uploaded content on the site, and said I can put it on the forum's background. Then when I confronted said user about misconduct, they said they were quitting and wanted me to take all their art off the website, or pay them. I told them to read the ToS, and have a nice day (In a more tactical fashion)
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  8. I've never had to do this before, but I have had to ban a mod from the forum that went sour. Not great but better then him destroying the forum.
  9. I've never had to go down the legal route and I'm thankful for that. Most of the time, the forums or sites that I have owned have been somewhat drama free. The only real problem I had previously was one of my forums were hacked and another situation where a user wanted their content deleted (but I just deleted their user account).

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