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Downtime and Errors

Discussion in 'Information Board' started by Xyphien, Feb 4, 2016.

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  1. Being in beta, means there are going to be some bugs, down time, etc.

    Installing https to the forums has caused a lot of errors I'm trying to figure out. Java errors, unable to sign in errors, and a few others.
  2. I'm getting JavaScript errors from quoting and posting a topic.

    Okay. Just happen again from posting this.. Try for a second time
  3. Did you/are you using the site in https currnetly? Or have you used the site in https at all prior to the errors?
  4. Can can use HTTPS or HTTP. HTTP is currently letting me to post. As for https I get a JavaScript error. You better go through your settings again to see you have fully updated
  5. I am testing this out. Is the issue still being worked on?
  6. Still going from http to https. Like your cache isn't fully cache. Your firewall has it like cloud flare.
  7. Are you getting errors still with https?
  8. Nope. Seems to be working great with https
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  9. Same for me, everything seems to work fine.
  10. Yeah, I believe HawkHost and myself have fixed these issues.
  11. You use HawkHost? Haha, I use it too:D
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  12. How good are they?
  13. In my experience of several years, I personally find them the best. Every plan (Including the smallest) has unlimited bandwidth, and the professional has unlimited just about everything, including data. Which is what I use for my other site (And this site) which allows me to host all of the communities resources they upload (thousands thus far) They have the best support I've ever dealt with in my life.
  14. I'm going to change hosting later this year since I'm not happy with the support team so researching. How did you come across to them and what made you join?
  15. I came acrossed them a long while ago to be honest. I found them when I was first looking for hosts. I went through and tried several, blue hosting, hostgator, etc. I joined because they were the cheapest out of them all to be honest. However, I found out that they had fast, and reliable servers, I had a trouble and they didn't just help me out with it, they went in and completely fixed it themselves. They do this all the time, and actually after I got half way with my SSL on this site they went ahead and installed it for me since I was at work. They are extremely helpful, and absolutely fantastic! (I need to have my referral link XD I'd be making bank with how much I promote them lol.)
  16. I'm with hostgator and I brought SSL certificate to install which I can't do but there end. Been over a week and still waiting. Live support chat takes 10 to around 20 minutes to wait for support and support ticket even longer. I'm thinking to change to http://exhz.co.uk/ because they are small and they have supported me even though I'm not with them and they are willing to get more storage.
  17. I just purchased my second SSL for my other site, and I messaged them asking if they can do this for me again, and without hesitation they are in the works of doing it now :) I get a response within a few hours, and they 9 times out of 10 saying they are more than happy to help me out with any query I have.
  18. If you are on shared then of course they have to install it
  19. Hope they all get sorted out, I haven't really noticed anything since the https transfer! Also, I don't think there's any java on this site? If there is it won't work for me, I refuse to use Java.
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