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do you need a classic TLD

Discussion in 'Domain & Hosting Prerequisite' started by Earth Be Lost, Feb 13, 2016.

  1. So, as many of you know there's been loads and loads of new TLD's being released, from .io to .pizza, it's been a long timce since the popular .com, .org and .net, which most people used to strive for before starting a website.
    I wonder does it matter to most webmasters today, will you register a domain if the .com, .org and .net are taken or would you think about registering a newer extension?

    I probably would.
  2. I'd lie if I said I wouldn't seeing as I'm using one right now :) .college was available for webmaster and I jumped at the opportunity to get it. I actually enjoy the new tdls to be honest and it's something I enjoy getting. Ilove.pizza would be awesome to own for example.
  3. Ha ha - exactly, I think it's quite interesting to be honest and big keyword domains are available now more than ever.
    I like a lot of them but not others.
    Yeah but I'm pretty sure they're also premium domains and cost a fortune.
  4. .pizza is probably my favorite, though I don't see a huge use in many of these domains unless you own a pizza shop or something pertaining to the niche you're wishing to buy the TLD from. Like, carlos.pizza for Carlos' Pizza - I could never imagine myself getting a .pizza domain, let alone some of the crazy ones like .porn. :p
  5. I actually just bought a domain called Gallery.Camera which I think is a super good domain name. It matches the TDL amazingly :) I also have like 20 other really unique, and high priced domains :D
  6. I don't believe so. I would much rather have a catchy short domain on a more unusual TLD than have something longer. hostBB is on the .io extension (which is very tech related anyway) because the .com/.net/.org were all unavailable. I'm still very happy with the domain. I've purchased other domains, to sell, which are not on the main TLDs .site, .flights, .black, .host domains...
  7. I've done the same thing! I have over 40 domains and most of them are .support .finance. gallery, and practically everything but .com

    I feel in this day in age, with the right SEO and advertising any site can get big reguardless of the domain name. I own the largest site of it's kind in my genre and it's a .co because the .com was taken and I hate - in the name of domains.
  8. I still really strive to get a catchy domain name in the traditional extension, but now-a-days it's practically impossible to get the domain you where after unless you go through a 3rd party. I have zero experience with the new TLDs like .io but a lot of them really catch my eye, I'm even tempted to create my own site/portfolio on a .io domain.

    I just have one question, do the traditional TLDs offer any sort of advantages over the newly released ones? Or is it all just an equal playing field?
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    Last edited: May 18, 2016
    Everyone's first instinct is to type .com after something. So, for example if you have Gytix.io as your main site because .com was taken, and someone heard your website Gytix, they'd instinctively type in Gytix.com vs. .io

    Which is why in order to stop that you'd need something catchy that goes with the tdl such as Gallery.Camera (What I have) I'm unsure if they have any slight SEO benifits, it'd make since if it does, or does not to be honest.

    It's not impossible. I've gotten a few domains that I really wanted. GameHandout, FundmySite, VRGamingNews, and a few others :D however, it is now a lot easier to find better domains with TDL's and I feel the new TDL's are more memorable now.
  10. @Xyphien

    Yeah I think at some point I'm going to have to go grab a personal domain for myself before someone snatches it. Problem with being a broke student is that I don't think I could explain to my bank why I spent the last of my money on a domain. :rofl:

    Not sure what I could use it for though, I'm thinking about just using it as a portfolio for university projects and some links to pages I moderate/administrate. Although that's talk for another thread!
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  11. I like .xyz, .host, .club, .info, .us and often use them for sites. Nonetheless, I don't like what I see as "really silly ones" - but in the end, it's all subjective.

    O.K. who likes the extensions I like?

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