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Devsters - new look, still in beta though... thoughts?

Discussion in 'Frat Rushing' started by Martin Evans, Feb 4, 2016.

  1. A bit of background for you - there was a forum I used to visit that was mainly all about an incentive networking site called FreebieJeebies. The owner of the site didn't listen to any suggestions from the users then closed the forums without any notice and left a community with nowhere to go.

    I used to be a moderator on that forum and decided to try and start the forum again with another former member. The site was setup as a phpBB forum then I had the chance to upgrade to Xenforo - however after the upgrade I found the xenforo installation was a nulled copy. Took that offline and have reverted to what i know best - Wordpress.

    The users wanted guides about other things like SEO and IM - so I'm in the process of writing guides and adding content. While the site is in Beta I'm looking for some feedback on the design (and help). I'm looking for some assistance on how to remove the sidebar from the bbPress pages - any ideas anyone?

    Website is at http://www.devsters.com - look forward to hearing your feedback :)
  2. Just a quick update, the WordPress installation made everything too complicated so we went back to just a MyBB forum
  3. Wow that myBB site looks nice, I haven't used it since 1.6.x though so I can see a big change!
    My first suggestion? Hide the VIP Area, I can see and read all the posts made in those sections, including watching the videos that you've posted, which is a good idea to be honest.
    Second suggestion would be to remove any VIP ideas to start with, you shouldn't expect people to buy VIP when it's so early so why have it unless you're expecting money for it. Same goes with the sponsored side bar item, until ou get an actual sponsor.
    I'd also try to get a page to display those most rich users and store items for users to buy instead of just posting them.

    Also remove the MyBB Version you're running at the bottom, it helps for people to find exploits for your website if they know the version you're using.
  4. #4 Martin Evans, Feb 14, 2016
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2016
    Since I did some changes to the site I hadnt realised the VIP area was visible - thanks for the heads up

    *edit: version number should now be removed and VIP area should be hidden - can you verify that for me?
  5. Yeah, it's looking good from my end.
  6. Thank you - any other reviews / thoughts / tips ?

    Looking for some good plugins to add various features to the forum

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