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Brand new theme!

Discussion in 'Information Board' started by Xyphien, May 18, 2016.

  1. Welcome Students and Professors of Webmaster.College! I am proud to announce the launch of our brand new theme! Corp made by the amazing people of Audentio. The theme is extremely professional, has a nice header image for non-registered members, and is absolutely clean, elegant, and professional at its fullest. It also goes perfectly with the school/college theme we're setting up over here.

    To members who are logged in, this is what it looks like logged out:


    Let us know how you like the new theme below! It is new, so there may be some bugs here and there, so don't hesitate to inform us of that.
  2. Good job! I really like it. I'll probably use it!
  3. Really loving it, although I have been cheating and using it for the past few days.:rofl:

    Hopefully now we can go on from this and start building up a great community!
  4. Love the new theme. I would like to see the stats of each section though. :)
  5. That's an easy fix, however I'm hesitant to do that right now with us being so small. I think it could deter people from joining, so this is something I'll probably have to discuss with everyone to see their opinions on it. (If you'd like to state yours, that'd be great :D)
  6. Gee wiz me! I've been gone for a little bit, and then came back to this! Absolutely amazing! You've really outdid yourself @Xyphien! I'm glad to see this site picking back up, and I hope to see more amazing updates from you!
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  7. Glad you noticed all the great updates @Xyphien has been making, this is just the start though!

    We're gonna build an awesome community here, and these awesome updates are just the beginning. ;)
  8. Nice theme, glad to see you adding other things to it. Personally I don't like the usability so I'll be sticking on the old one. :D
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  9. Glad to hear your feedback, is there anything specifically annoying you that we might be able to work on? We'd love to make the experience here the best it can possibly be.
  10. Currently, I was just informed that the theme Gytix and I are viewing, isn't the same theme that is displayed for you all (Guests & Regular Members) So... I'm looking into why this is, and how to fix it.
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  11. I think I am too new to see anything different LOL, but... Nice job on it. :)
  12. Yeah you missed the old theme by a few days, glad to see your liking the new theme!

    Anything you think could be improved?

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