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Anyone have any experience with paid ad slots?

Discussion in 'Tuition Assistance' started by awebnerd, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. I have always done advertising through Google advertising, I have never rented space on the website to anybody. Is this something that anyone is doing, and if so, how do you start to calculate a fair price for a given advertising slot?

    Any information on this would be helpful. Thank you
  2. I use Publicity Clerks, I find it makes more money than Google adsense does. I get over 200k traffic, and still somehow don't make than a few dollars a month. However, off of one ad block sold on Publicity clerks (Which I sell at least 1 a month) I make $15 off of it. However, I still use Google Adsense on my not so popular sites until they get popular.
  3. So with Clerks you earn way more cash? I better check them out then. I'm no longer using google AdSense. They are a con in my mind.
  4. I am going to check them out too. I doubt that they can boast the traffic that google can though.
  5. I found that a lot of members on my forums have adblocker which means you don't make much off of ads with google. However with PublicityClerks it's a pay per month, so when members pay you it's monthly, not PPC, PPM, etc.
  6. Joined a day ago and it's pretty good. I spent five to advertisement and I see good amount of traffic coming in. I haven't had anyone payed me yet :'(

    Plus one guy joined my site telling me about his stats and whatnot....
  7. I prefer doing private ad slots compared to ad-sense, which tend to retract my earnings when I'm near the withdrawal amount. I think people get better value from a private ad slot anyway.
  8. Does Private adslots count as Publicity Clerk ads, etc. If so, I completely agree, I find ppc, ppm, google adsense, etc. you don't make nearly as much as you do with monthly paid ads from actual people.
  9. I'd regard them to be, yes, but I mean you contact someone personally to make a deal but other methods like that are probably better.

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